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Levy Realty Advisors, LLC. has specialized in the acquisition and sale of Multi-Tenant Commercial and Industrial properties throughout South Florida since 1977. The company has built its reputation around a sound investment strategy to provide its clientele solid double-digit returns year after year.

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The strength and backbone of the Levy Realty Advisors, LLC. business plan revolves around the company’s ability to handle the day-to-day responsibilities associated with managing the properties and assets that they have sold to their Owners/Investors. From tenant relations, to building repairs, renovations, maintenance issues, to budgeting for capital improvements, financial reporting, collections and evictions, Levy Realty’s property management experience is the driving force behind what makes things happen.

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Each year, the County Property Appraiser’s office enables each property owner the opportunity to file a petition to lower the Tax Assessed Value of their property. Levy Realty Advisors, Inc. is available to help file the required petition paperwork to protest and lower property taxes for all of its clients each year.

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Making the decision whether to invest in any particular property is always a great challenge. Levy Realty Advisors, Inc. will assist with deal structure, pricing, valuation, financing, capital improvement budgets, cash flow projections, and hold periods. These decisions require the expertise of a seasoned professional that understand the market in which the property is situated. Levy Realty Advisors, Inc., prides itself in assisting its investors in making those buy & sell decisions and has a proven track to go along with it.

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SPACE PLANNING/SQUARE FOOT VERIFICATION/SITE PLANS/PRELIMINARY CONSTRUCTION PLANS As an additional service to clients, Levy Realty Advisors, LLC. is affiliated and will engage  Design Professionals  as a leasing tool to produce “As Built” floor plans  to verify the square feet contained within a leased premises, develop space plans  for new prospective tenants, and if necessary,  preliminary and  a permit set of  plans for demolition and tenant improvements. All drawings and plans  are generated and produced utilizing CAD software for easy transmission  to all parties concerned. By offering this service , Levy Realty Advisors, Inc. is able to efficiently and expeditiously complete lease negotiations, Tenant Improvement analysis and budgeting for said improvements. Levy’s  objective is to maximize the square feet in each rent roll by verifying square feet prior to lease execution and to offer a one stop shop to assist with questions that arise during the leasing process for its investors/owners and tenants.